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Last year I decided to join Professional Photographers of America (aka. PPA). And I'm so glad I did. Not only is it a great resource for photographers, but they also put on Imaging USA every year. As a PPA newbie, you get to attend Imaging for free, which includes tons of platform classes from some of the industries top photographers. There is also the pre-convention which has more classes that you pay for and are longer, more in-depth and some are hand's on. Imaging this year took place in Phoenix Arizona. This is where I took The pre-convention hands-on class The Power of Light by Tony Corbell. Tony is an amazing teacher,  a master at lighting and I learned a ton in the 2 short hours of his class.
Me and Tony CorbellMe and Tony Corbell at Imaging USA 2014 in Phoenix AZ, Taken by Alicia Cho. Me and Tony Corbell. I look forward to taking another class of his.

   Here are some of the classes I took that really had an impact on me.      

I attended a class on social networking by Lindsay Adler. Not only is she a very talented and accomplished photographer, but she's a social networking guru. I was totally going about it all wrong. If you can find and attend one of her workshops or classes, I strongly encourage you to do so. An hour and 15 minute class at Imaging has really changed how I look at marketing on social networking sites.

   Angela Kurkian and Bridget Jackson, both of PPA. Put together a very intensive 3 hour business class for new members. It was amazing. So many things you need to know to get your numbers where they need to be and how to have a profitable business. The results of are all from the PPA's Benchmark Study. I won't go into detail, but it's an amazing resource. Another great reason to join PPA.
   One of the most intriguing classes was put on by Jon Allyn. He talked about the psychology of building a genuine rapport with people. What he talked about had nothing to do with photography and would work with any sales job. If you can find a workshop by him, take it! You will not be disappointed by what you learn, and I only got to listen for just over an hour imaging what a longer class could do.
  I was also fortunate enough to attend a lecture by Benjamin Von Wong. He is an incredible artist with an amazing story on how he became a photographer. After looking at his work, it's hard to not be inspired to try something new. I was lucky enough to have my photo taken with him.
Me and Benjamin Von WongTaken by Alicia Cho. Benjamin Von Wong kindly took his photo with me while at the Imaging Expo.
I also attended 2 separate classes on incorporating video into my work and using Photoshop CC to edit it. The video wouldn't be anything lengthy, just short clips perhaps during the session. But I'm really looking forward to experimenting with it. Bruce Dorn and Colin Smith were the 2 classes I took. Bruce Dorn talked more about the video aspect while Colin Smith spoke on how to edit in Photoshop CC.
Imaging wasn't only classes though. I made some great new friends while there and even met up with some that I knew from Facebook.
Alicia Cho, Myself, Andrea Dave Goldman, Myself and the random funny photo-bomb guyTaken by Alicia Cho.
 Michael Anderson and myselfTaken with my oh so horrible phone. 

We even found some time to have a little impromptu photo-shoot on the 4th floor overview at the Sheraton.
Alicia Andrea
Alicia Andrea
Andrea Enger, Myself, Alicia Cho
And of course the view was very nice as well. I didn't really have a lot of time to make scenic images, but here are a couple.
Alicia Cho on the 3rd floor of the convention center
I guess that about wraps it up. I had a blast, made some great friends and can't wait to go to Imaging USA in Nashville next year.



Looks like you had a great time! I love the 4th floor images, definitely doesn't look like the 4th floor if the Sheraton to me!
looks like you had a great time at Imaging...I love the impromptu photo shoot images. Just proves beautiful portraits can be done anytime and anyplace
1.Mary Peterson Cook(non-registered)
I went to Imaging for the first time last year and it was amazing! It is information overload, but it's so good to recharge and revamp while improving your clients experiences! Hope I can meet you next year!
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