How To Take Beautiful Images With the Lens Cap on

April 07, 2014  •  6 Comments
A lot of photographer will laugh and even mock newbies for leaving their lens cap on. But I say let them laugh, because I'm here to show you that beautiful images can be made with the lens cap ON. Now, I know upon seeing these, you may be tempted to copy these and use them as your own. But please, It took me countless milliseconds to make these, this is why I've added my watermark. To get ready for a shoot like this, settings are VERY important. You want to shoot at a very low ISO to retain detail. I also like to shoot at 1/8000 to keep from getting camera shake. Aperture you can play with, I prefer f/32 to get the maximum DOF possible.

Many photographers can create amazing works of art taking their lens cap off. That's the obvious choice. But why follow the crowd, why not make your own art? I mean, who wants to see the same thing everyone else is doing? If you're ready to have your mind BLOWN by how simple this technique is, then read on my on.  


So, to start things off, I will you show you one of my favorites. This is SOOC, no editing, I know, amazing...Right?

Now, I'm not going to belittle you all by telling you what this is of, I mean you have eyes, you can plainly see it's a flower. The composition may have been a bit off, but, that's the great thing about digital. For example
You can plainly see that just by cropping the image to an 8X10, it has drastically improved the composition and feel of the image. I mean, wow, the entire mood has changed, just incredible.
       This next image I hold dear to my heart. For this I decided to shoot in portrait orientation. Even the newest of newbies can clearly see that that was the only real way to shoot this particular subject.
Although I captured a few different angles of this, this one was obviously the best choice. I've been told it's a bit dark and moody, but I like it.
So that I think proves my point. So now, go out and make your on Lens Cap On photography, heck, even try it at a wedding, your clients will be AMAZED.
I've decided to show a few BTS shots so you can see for yourself how I do this amazing style of photography.
I hope you've enjoyed this invaluable tutorial of Lens Cap On photography. I think this is really going to catch on.



6.Pixel king(non-registered)
Hmmm. Reminds me of a famous child's story. Lets see, what was the name of it.Whats that you say honey? Yes,of course , that's it. The Emperors new clothes!
5.James Lout Photography
Thank you everyone that has commented. I hope you all have found great inspiration in this style of photography :)
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How much are you charging for the first one?
I love it! Great post...
Can i get some before and afters, please?
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